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Viewing the Lecture videos:

The lecture videos are in Windows Streaming Media (.WMV) format
You will need Windows media player to view these files .

Click on the following link to see if your computer will play .wmv files:

Test video

If the video played, you should be able to view the lecture files. If not, check the following:

You might need to install Windows Media Player
Download Windows media player

.minimum system requirements
for Windows Media Player

Internet service -
If you plan on downloading the video lectures from the internet,it is not practical to do so with a dialup modem. You will need broadband via a network, DSL or a cable modem.

Dr. Hashim Yousif
Dr. Hashim Yousif
  Dr. Hashim Yousif
Dr. S.N.Gajanan
Dr. S.N. Gajanan
Prof. Barb Pedersen
Prof. Barb Pedersen
Dr. Francis Mulcahy
Anatomy and Physiology 2pm Richard Freeman M.D.
Anatomy and Physiology 4pm Richard Freeman M.D.